2019 FED UP! Platform

  • This is the worst drug addiction epidemic in American history. More than 400,000 Americans have died from opioid overdoses since 1999.
  • The epidemic was caused by overprescribing of opioids. As prescriptions soared, addiction and overdose deaths among both pain patients and nonmedical users increased in lockstep.
  • The Federal Government’s efforts to combat the epidemic are uncoordinated and underfunded.
  • The death toll will continue to mount until effective treatment is easier to access than heroin, fentanyl and opioid painkillers

Our Platform

We – the FED UP! Coalition to End the Opioid Epidemic – call for a coordinated and sustained Federal Government response that will take all necessary steps to end the opioid addiction epidemic including:

  1. Adequately fund clinically appropriate treatment, both inpatient and outpatient, for all Americans suffering from opioid use disorder, regardless of their ability to pay for it.
  2. FDA must:
    • Stop approval of new opioids lacking major advantages over existing drugs.
    • Prohibit marketing of opioids as safe and effective for chronic pain.
    • Add a suggested upper dose limit and maximum duration of use in prescription opioid labeling.
    • Remove ultra-high dosage unit opioids, transmucosal immediate-release fentanyl products, and all oxymorphone products.
  3. Remove all barriers to buprenorphine treatment.
  4. Ensure access to such harm reduction services as clean syringes and naloxone.
  5. Mandate prescriber use of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs.
  6. DEA should mandate prescriber education, free of pharmaceutical industry bias, in order for any DEA registrant to prescribe more than a 3 day supply of opioids.
  7. Launch public awareness campaigns to communicate risks of opioids, reduce the stigma of addiction and bias against medication-assisted treatment, and build naloxone awareness.
  8. Ensure access to interdisciplinary pain care programs to help chronic pain patients reduce opioid use and improve function.
  9. Stop undue influence of the pharmaceutical industry on FDA, Congress, doctors, hospitals, advocacy organizations, and others responsible for the public health.
  10. Ensure that all criminal and civil remedies available under federal law are used to hold opioid manufacturers and distributors accountable for their role in the epidemic.