Stacie Mathewson

Stacie Mathewson
President, The Stacie Mathewson Foundation

As Founder and Executive Director of The Stacie Mathewson Foundation since its inception in 2011, Stacie is dedicated to reducing the nation’s growing substance abuse rate that has reached epidemic proportions and is taking a disproportionate toll on our young people and their families. Her vision is to foster and support a family and youth recovery movement that produces monumental change in the way the nation views, supports and communicates about the disease of addiction.

Through the Foundation, Stacie is bringing a unique, new perspective to youth recovery. By focusing on the impact that primary, secondary school and college environments have on young people, she has launched an unprecedented initiative using community asset and capacity building that is already changing the lives of students with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues.

The Foundation’s effort is initially focused on students in college environments, but will soon broaden to include primary and secondary schools, community colleges and strategic initiatives that focus on the family and the medical community. In all its initiatives, the Foundation will address the full spectrum of substance abuse interventions including education, prevention, intervention and long-term recovery support.

Stacie is uniquely qualified to create change in the field of youth recovery. She brings a wealth of business experience to the effort having more than 15 years of entrepreneurial and management experience in the real estate industry.

Stacie also has extensive non-profit board experience in the field of recovery. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Betty Ford Center Foundation and the Betty Ford Medical Initiative; Board Member for Solutions Treatment Center Foundation in Las Vegas, NV; Co-President for Mothers Against Prescription Drug Abuse; Advisory Board Member for Recovery Grads; and Advisory Board Member for Serna High, a recovery high school in Orange County, CA.

Inspired by previous service on the finance committee of Congresswoman Mary Bono R-CA), Stacie continues to be politically active as a campaign supporter of Brian Nestande’s congressional campaign for the seat last held by Ms. Bono. On the state legislative front, she was able to help mitigate the effects of prescription abuse by changing the California Family Law to acknowledge parental prescription drug abuse as an influential factor in child custody cases.

In addition to her work in the youth recovery arena, Stacie has supported a variety of causes that focus on the wellness and recovery needs of local women and children. Some of these efforts include:

* New Directions for Women effort to help a local women’s shelter

* The Felix Organization to sponsor a “kids to camp” program

* The College of the Desert’s student Alcohol and Drug Counseling Certification Program

* University of California’s Student Recovery Conference

Stacie has also been instrumental in tightening the focus and strategic direction for the Young People in Recovery organization and the Association for Recovery Schools.

In addition to her professional experience, she is personally connected to the cause, witnessing since childhood how addiction disease can tear families apart and span generations. With the loss of a son who first faced the challenge of chemical dependency in his early adolescence, Stacie’s commitment to preventing addiction and protecting the health of our youth is relentless

Stacie is a native of Alaska, and currently resides with her husband in Reno, Nevada.


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