2024 FED UP! Coalition Committee Members


FED UP! Coalition Committee Members:

Executive Committee
Emily Walden, Chair
Karen Carlini, Secretary
Daniel Busch, MD
Andrew Kolodny, MD
April Rovero
Judy Rummler

Advocacy Committee
Daniel Busch, MD, Chair
Emily Walden, Co-Chair
Trudy Duffy, Secretary
Andrew Kolodny, MD
Anthony LaGreca
Tim Westlake, MD
Angelo Valente
Alicia House
April Rovero

Events Committee
April Rovero, Chair of the 2018 FED UP! Rally
Emily Walden, Chair of the 2018 Local Rallies
Scarlet Gleeson, Logistics
Amy Cooper
Anthony LaGreca
Jenna Price

Public Engagement Committee
April Rovero, Co-Chair
Judy Rummler, Co-Chair
Amy Cooper
Trudy Duffy
Alan Hyman
Anthony LaGreca

FED UP! Coalition Staff:
Molly Booton, Creative Services
Olivia Micer, Social Media
Chad Foster, Volunteer Graphic Designer

To reach our staff, please email [email protected]