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Research at U of MN has potential to change the way substance use disorder is treated. Clinical trial is testing an opioid vaccine which targets oxycodone.“This is the first clinical trial ever of an opioid vaccine conducted in human beings.” #opioidcrisis

Ossoff & Grassley introduced Rural Opioid Abuse Prevention Act to help ensure rural communities experiencing high level of opioid overdoses have resources they need to respond to the crisis thru dedicate funding to local governments & orgs.

Jury found Detroit-area doctor guilty on multiple counts of fraud & money laundering in $100 million plot that gave patients opioids if they let him bill their insurance for needless and pricey spinal injections. #opioidcrisis

A judge formally approved a plan Friday to turn OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma into a new company no longer owned by members of the Sackler family and with its profits going to fight the opioid epidemic. #opioidcrisis

St. Paul police are warning about a bad batch of drugs after the city reported 7 overdoses& 2 deaths in a 24-hour period. Lydia Burr of Hazelden Betty Ford said synthetic fentanyl is now responsible for majority of drug overdoses & deaths. #opioidcrisis

Secrets and stigma lead to record number of opioid overdose deaths
Society does not appear to understand the magnitude of the issue, despite the fact that we call it a crisis.
By Ian Halim and Kevin P. Hill