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Sally Thoren, administrator at addiction treatment center in Chicago, can see the “heroin highway,” a major expressway along which runs illegal drug market. To Thoren, it’s constant reminder the opioid crisis never lets up, even during pandemic. #opioids

AP — Lawsuits filed by two Ohio counties against retail pharmacy chains claiming their opioid dispensing practices flooded communities with pain pills and were a a public nuisance can continue, a federal judge in Cleveland has determined. #opioidcrisis

Former LA Angels employee Eric Prescott Kay (dir. of communications) was criminally charged for allegedly supplying drugs that killed pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Charged w/ conspiracy to distribute fentanyl according to U.S. Attorney N. Texas. #Fentanyl #opioids

Spike in fentanyl-related overdose deaths across San Diego led officials to warn public. "So far this year, pending confirmation, we will have seen more than 200 fentanyl overdose deaths, whereas by this same time last year we had only seen 84." #fentanyl

At office on Benning Rd in NE Washington, Edwin Chapman treats about 275 opioid addicts/month. They get counseling, modified physical exam & buprenorphine, a drug that suppresses craving for potentially lethal opioids like heroin & fentanyl. #opioidcrisis

Paintsville Hospital Company & other E. Kentucky medical facilities have sued drug marketers, distributors and retailers such as Walmart, claiming that the companies conducted false and deceptive marketing which led to the opioid epidemic. #opioidcrisis