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When all is said and done the Narco facility contributed a number of things to the understanding of addiction, as well as how federal drug policy has shifted in America today.

Campaigners gathered at London’s famous Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum Saturday to protest against its display of the Sackler name.

Cocaine is back, and it’s contaminated. The powerful opioid fentanyl is often mixed into cocaine, turning the stimulant into a much bigger killer than in past. Cocaine-related overdoses took lives of nearly 14,000 Americans in 2017, up 34% in just a year.

When an American child age 5 to 9 goes to the emergency room for a sports- or recreation-related injury, roughly one in eight (or 13%) gets a prescription for opioids. Older children and young adults are even more likely to get such drugs.


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Johnson & Johnson will now have to pay $465 million, not $572 million, for its role in Oklahoma’s opioid epidemic.
An OK judge acknowledged that he was three decimal places off — mistaking thousands for millions — when he originally calculated the amount