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Why better pain management techniques are essential to solving the opioid crisis

It’s not just the United States struggling with opioids. Australia also faces a public health crisis and over 70% of drug-related deaths involve opioids. Flinders University’s Dr. Meredith Craigie speaks to some of the non-drug strategies she takes when helping patients treat pain:



This heartbreaking opioid overdose map puts hundreds of human faces on an epidemic

Jeremiah Lindemann of mapping firm Esri has created a “Celebrating Lost Loved Ones” map to put human faces on the numbers associated with the Opioid epidemic. The map currently hosts more than 1300 online memorial profiles.



Man suffers apparent drug overdose while on road at wheel of car

A Maryland man overdosed at the wheel of a running vehicle in the middle of traffic. A trooper discovered the man, as well as heroin and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle. The man is alive, as the police administered Narcan and CPR to the unresponsive man.