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Submit your comments to the FDA

The FDA is looking into how naloxone can be made more available.  They’ll be having an Advisory Committee meeting on December 17th and 18th to discuss this matter.

The FED UP! Coalition has long advocated for ready access to naloxone. Too many people have died because they did not have naloxone readily available.

The FED UP! Coalition plans to communicate to the FDA:

  1. All forms of naloxone should be sold over the counter
  2. The Federal government should subsidize over the counter naloxone to keep the price under $20 per dose.
  3. The Federal government should launch a public awareness campaign regarding Naloxone to cover such issues as:
    • Should you have naloxone in your home or place of business?
    • How do you know when to administer naloxone?
    • How do you administer naloxone?

The FDA is also asking what has worked in your community to expand naloxone access and in what circumstances you believe that naloxone should automatically be prescribed when an opioid is prescribed.  You may want to let them know your opinion on these issues as well.

Comments sent by Friday, Dec. 14, 2018, will be reviewed by the FDA Advisory Committee.