Send a comment to the FDA, supporting our petition to remove ultra high dosage unit opioids from the market

Dear FED UP! Friends,

We need your help to have ultra-high dosage unit opioids removed from the market. These are pills so strong that just one could cause an overdose in someone not used to taking opioids.

We have joined PROP, Shatterproof, the National Safety Council and ASTHO, the organization for state health commissioners, in petitioning FDA for removal of these products.

We believe that ultra-high dosage opioids can be removed without any burden or hardship for patients who need high doses, like people with advanced cancer. Patients will still have access to the same opioids. The only difference is that they will have to swallow more pills at one time if they are on extremely high doses. For patients who can’t easily swallow extra pills, opioids are available as liquids and patches.

We know this will not solve the opioid crisis, but if the FDA does what we’re asking, lives will be saved.

If you have questions about this effort, please read our fact sheet.

You can help by leaving a comment on the FDA Docket. Just click here.

1. When you leave a comment, please begin by saying something about your personal experience. If you know someone who became opioid addicted by taking prescription opioids, even if they switched to heroin, please mention it.

2. Please state clearly that you are strongly supporting the petition.

3. Please explain why you support the petition. For example, you can write:

The risks of ultra-high dosage opioids outweigh the potential benefit. An opioid so strong that just one pill can kill should not be on the market. You can remove these products without hardship for patients. Patients who need high doses can swallow more pills at a time. We have lost too many lives already. Removing these products will not solve the opioid crisis but it will help. Please do the right thing. Please seek removal of ultra-high dosage opioids.

4. After you leave a comment, please ask someone you know to do the same.