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For information on how to schedule a visit with your members of Congress click here.
For those supporters living in the Washington, D.C. area, please contact and visit your members of Congress – we need our message heard.

We are seeking your support for the legislation and advocacy efforts listed below:

    • Contact the FDA to let them know that they are not doing their job!
      You can contact them at 888-463-6332 or at
      Let them know about actions they should take that would save thousands of lives a year. They should:

      1. Place a moratorium on the approval of new opioid painkillers.
      2. Change the labeling on opioid painkillers to accurately reflect the risks.
      3. Overhaul its opioid policies – as recommended by the National Academy of Sciences in a recent report.
      4. Prohibit drug companies from promoting long-term use of opioids as safe and effective for chronic pain.
      5. Should stop approving new opioids – we can’t handle the ones we have now.
      6. Make education about addiction mandatory for prescribers who want to give more than a 3-day supply of opioids.
    • Check your state’s progress in addressing the opioid epidemic. The National Safety Council has published their review of state progress in addressing the prescription opioid addiction epidemic.  In their report, “Prescription Nation each state is assessed against six meaningful measures. See the attached report to review your state’s progress.  Clearly, there is much more to do at the state level.
    • Attend the FED UP! Event and Annual #OpioidMarch. This is a grassroots coalition of families, medical experts, and advocacy organizations who understand the devastation caused by our nation’s epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths. FED UP! is calling for immediate federal action to end the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths attributed to opioids (including heroin) and other prescription drugs.
      • See past events here.
      • Find information about becoming a FED UP! Captain and plan a rally in your city.

Past Calls to Action

Urgent Request to send Comments – FDA Docket Closes December 28, 2017

The FDA is seeking comments from the public about steps they can take to address the opioid crisis. Please go to the federal website to leave a comment – and please do this now because the docket will close in a matter of days. Deadline: December 28, 2017 Read FED UP!’s letter to FDA Commissioner, Scott […]

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